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We Help Keep Your Transmission in Optimal Condition

Transmission Maintenance

When it comes to your transmission, you need a professional and experienced repair shop to handle it. At Budget Transmission Inc, we test drive the vehicle to ensure there’s not a problem before we service the transmission. We then inspect for contamination in the pan and the filter. Once we’ve determined there are no problems, the technician will drain the fluid and add new top grade transmission fluid and, if applicable, a fresh new filter. The transmission fluid we use exceeds most manufacturing quality specifications.

Transmission Services We Offer:

• Professional Clutch Repair and Replacement
• Repaired, Rebuilt, Exchanged
• Complete Overhauls
• Transmission Computer Diagnostics
• Benchwork Available Repairs and Replacements

Signs You Need Your Transmission Repaired

Your transmission is an integral part of your vehicle. It is what changes the gear of your engine and provides power to the wheels to make your vehicle move. You need to be aware of many signs when you need your transmission repaired, and those include:

• Vehicle Refuses to Switch Gears
• Burning Smells
• Unusual Noises

• Gears Slip
• Clutch Drags
• Fluid Leaks
• Engine Light is On
• Grinding and Shaking

When you notice these signs, it is time for you to seek a transmission specialist. Please don’t wait until it’s too late, let our experts help you save money and get your transmission repaired. Call (501) 758-3565 to schedule your appointment.

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